Time Table

Day Morning Evening
1 What is Ayurveda Introduction How to do head massage demonstration by therapist
Ayurveda history
Elements explanation
2 About   vata ,pita and kapha dosha   explanation How to do neck + shoulder
and arm massage demonstration by therapist
3 Prakruthi ,beginning of life under Ayurveda standard ,
body constitution
How to do back + chest demonstration by therapist
4 Purakarma + panchakarma
explanation ,five steps panchakarma explaining
How to do leg+foot demonstration by therapist
5 Abyanga + fermentation + steam bath abyanga practical + fermentation practical +
steam bath demonstration by therapist
6 Shirdohara + shirovasti , oils
which are used for shirhodara + shrovesti
Shirodhara + shirovast demonstration by therapist
7 Ayurveda medical shop+ Ayurveda Museum Doctor visit
8 About srilankan spice Cooking class
Intorduction to srilankan spices
Spices benefits in according to body constitution
9 Food according to body constitution How to do flower bath demonstration by therapist
Food and diet according to doshas
10 Theoretical Exam Visit to Kaluthara bodhiya + vegetable shop visit

Ayurveda School Gallery